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The online automobile marketplace #Carspear @carspear

We decided to publish this article to show more visibility on the online marketplace for cars. Looking at research on the industry it looks like there are two types of engines.
Internal Combustion Engine – Petrol heads like me desire. The more power the more glorious the ride. A few companies that are priced right and we need to look at are Mercedes AMG, BMW M and Cadillac V series. Others are overpriced imports or boutique where production meets the little demand there is.
The Battery Powered Unit – I would not call it an engine, but a battery powered performance car. The faster the battery charges the more the industry changes. In this area there are a few players such as Tesla, but the offering onslaught from VW is coming and by 2023 we should see every brand offering some type of model. The supercharger network is also growing here in the States and if OPEC plays hard the next Democratic President might piece together stronger regulations like Obama did. Right now, under Trump the Internal Combustion Engine lives on.
Most of the car buying is done online on manufacturers websites. As you climb the pyramid you will find brilliant shows such at #TheGrandTour where manufacturers market their upcoming models on Amazon Prime. Good resources in this arena are few. There are also subscription magazines but they categorize cars and the consumer thinks different. I would not get carried away by what magazines say. They often have to be in compliance with manufacturer research.
I would really like you to visit our upcoming website
Folks from England @JeremyClarkson and CO. (The Amazon Prime show and previously BBC Top Gear) have already noticed Carspear frequently in their inbox. Ideally we would like to work with our resources to bring journalist transactions online, where they exchange their research with the whole web. Carspear currently has a 100 visitors everyday and most of the best automobile information is on Twitter and tough to find. Twitter is a great example on recording Blockchain transactions and the reference model they use can be copied by no other website.
If you have any questions log onto and my helpdesk will review and target the area you need help with.
Cars, you always love them. See you inside!!

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