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The Perfect Rim

So the question arises, “What are the most ideal Rims for my car?” Without going into too much detail and long explanations I would like to speak from experience. The ideal RIM that is spec’ed for your car is an OEM RIM. This means it has to come from the manufacturer. On AMG sedans and coupes, the RIM that has been track tested in warm and cold conditions is 19″. If you put an oversized aftermarket RIM on the car for beautiful looks, it will not be a perfect fit and might affect your car in braking conditions and also affect its performance on the track. The car is not designed for this change and safety questions are possible. The decision you need to make is when you purchase the car from a dealership. You need to option the cars RIM for color and size right from the manufacturer. This option/upgrade from the manufacturer is only a small cost. If you get this right then you will be at peace…Aftermarket RIMS are expensive and with tires can really hurt your wallet. They carry no resale value whatsoever..Hence when you pick the car from an inventory in the entire country or build it custom, make sure you get the wheels you desire!!! That content feeling on how your car looks in your garage is priceless, so get it right when you buy the car!!

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