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Overview of Carspear…


The new Carspear site has launched and is ready to be bookmarked by you.

Just to give you an overview, this is not a magazine. It’s more like “The Ultimate Car Blog”

If you are looking for the latest in automobile news, its on the column on the right side. We have embedded a news feed from Car Buzz, AMG, Formula 1 and our friends from the Amazon show, The Grand Tour.

The main page has articles written by me. If you have any particular ideas, please email me on [email protected]

We have also added social media where you can share this blogs stories with your friends.

Please check us out………and don’t unsubscribe.

I have shared this video for you below. Its best viewed on the Carspear website, so please click on the link Continue Reading on this email……

You can play it while you browse this website, and please wait for Brandon Flowers to say the part “The Sun Will Shine Again”

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